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Über Tourismusverband Mattsee


About the Tourist destination:

Welcome to Golling

A charming town on the edge of the Alps with so much to experience.

Golling has much to offer. From the health-giving waterfall to the annual cultural festival in the castle, excellent award-winning restaurants and top quality traditional accommodation.

Outdoor activities such as hiking in the mountains, fishing in pristine rivers and cycling through beautiful valleys and the Towner Cycle Trail await the visitor. It is ideally located close to Mozart's city of Salzburg which is reachable by public transport free of charge with the Tennengau Card. For those wishing to experience Sound of Music filming locations and ski resorts, Bavaria or typical Alpine villages, we are only a short distance away. Local customs such as traditional processions and handicrafts can be found in the traditional street market with the local coat of arms.

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