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As soon as they saw Xu Gefei rushing up the ridge, the three of them, Ma Jinbao, who were angry and cursing people, stopped shouting in a hurry and immediately turned to Xu Gefei. Came respectfully. As soon as the three of them arrived in front of Xu Gefei, they hurriedly lined up one by one. First, Lu Jing, who was in the center, said respectfully, "Subordinates of the Southwest General Branch." "Lord of the Dragon Slaughter Hall, your humble duty is Lu Jing, and you have come to greet the young master." As soon as Xu Gefei heard the young master, although he frowned, he was much relieved. Because this must be a trick played by Aunt Shan, and because he did not know how the overall situation had developed, he could not say anything. Huh. In mind, Ma Jinbao and Huang Yifu also finished the report. However, the whole hill and other hills on the size of the leader and the minions, have long been looking stupefied, at this time can be said to be crows. Silence. Xu Gefei only nodded his head with a hum to show his courtesy. At the same time, he glanced at all the red-clad warriors standing respectfully at the scene. And big and small leaders. Ma Jinbao, who had triangular eyes, thin lips, and gray hair,Nail production machine, hurriedly and respectfully said, "Please come to the meeting with the young master and the two girls." Waiting for tea in the hall, the chief helmsman did not come to greet him because of a minor illness. He was waiting in the hall and ordered his humble duty to apologize to the young master. Xu Gefei came to save people, and if he could rescue Mrs. Wei under negotiation, of course, it was the best policy. Now, depending on the development of the situation, aunt Shan must have persuaded the blue-faced judge Szeto Xuan, as to whether the blue-faced judge will come or not. Since greeting him,Automatic nail machine, he had never thought of it in his mind. "So he humbly waved his hand and said," Please lead the way. Martial Arts House Sweep School Old Rain Building Exclusive Serialization Remembering the article "Zonghengtianxia Series" Chapter 29 Judge Blue Face. Ma Jinbao answered respectfully and immediately turned around and said in a loud voice, "Lead the way ahead." As soon as the voice fell, there was a sound of spring thunder. Then the lantern shook, the figure flashed, and the crowd was immediately surrounded by dozens of red-clad warriors, advancing in two groups, surrounded by Xu Ge. Fei, Ding Qianwen and Wei Xiaoying walked along a mountain path in front of the stone house. As Xu Gefei moved forward, he secretly observed the situation around him. Only then did he believe that Aunt Shan was not exaggerating. The blue-faced judge, Situ, Xuan's strength is indeed better than Yao Hentian's. This tight alert system alone is by no means comparable to Yao Hentian's. But there was one thing he didn't understand. Why didn't Aunt Shan get back to the inn before dark? If you look at the situation at hand. Her The coming should be very successful? Secondly, according to the actual situation, Aunt Shan should also go back to the inn to report the process of coming! Although Xu Gefei is here Thought, but did not say it, because he had an idea, no matter how the single aunt came to do things, Iron Nail Making Machine ,Coil nail machine, he thought to see. To the blue-faced judge and his masked daughter. However, Ding Qianwen, who was puzzled, couldn't help approaching Xu Gefei and asked softly, "Why didn't you see Aunt Shan?" Come here Xu Gefei was stunned and said indifferently, "I'll be there soon. Maybe it's just ahead." As soon as Ding Qianwen and Wei Xiaoying heard the front, they immediately looked up and saw that the end of the forest road was a square with lights as bright as day. Behind the crowd of hundreds was a hall ablaze with lights. As the lantern swayed, it was not yet possible to see the faces of those people, but it was possible to see several masked women in red standing in front of the crowd. Son. Is looking up at the same time, followed by the side of the three people forward, a listen to Ding Qianwen's question, almost at the same time surprised. He asked in chorus, "Young master, you said that Aunt Shan didn't come. Is Manager Shan still in the back, or is the young master not on the way when he comes?" Meet Aunt Shan in the middle? Although Xu Gefei three people were surprised by the name of manager Shan, they immediately realized that it must be made up by Aunt Shan herself. However, after listening to Ma Jinbao's question, the three of them were surprised at the same time. Ding Qianwen first asked in surprise, "What?"? En route ? You mean Aunt Shan, she has left. ?” At the same time as he spoke, both sides instinctively stopped their steps, leading in front and following behind the head of the incense Lord Deacon and others. They also stopped moving forward of their own accord.
Huang Yifu said with a straight face, "Yes, Manager Shan went back to invite the young master before noon. So the young master is on the way?" Didn't touch it? Xu Gefei frowned and hesitated, but did not open his mouth. He seemed to intend to delay time, because the crowd in the square was coming this way. He believed that no matter how bad things were, it was up to the Blue Face Judge to solve them. Judging from common sense, there must be a blue-faced judge among those who are welcomed. Xu Gefei has always had an idea that as long as he catches the blue-faced judge, all problems can be solved, not to mention, according to the present. Judging from the situation, things are not as bad as imagined. In my mind, I had already heard Ding Qianwen and Wei Xiaoying. At the same time, I said anxiously, "No, we didn't meet each other when we came." She. The three of them looked at each other in amazement and said in unison, "That's strange. The three of them sent her all the way to Beijiekou. Straight!" We didn't come back until she asked us to stop again and again. As soon as Xu Gefei looked at the three of them, he knew that they were not lying, so he had to ask them indifferently, "What did Aunt Shan say when she left?" Ma Jinbao was the first to say, "Manager Shan accepted the invitation of the chief helmsman and went back to the north coast specially to welcome you, young master." Why didn't you meet him on the way? As soon as the voice fell, the welcoming crowd arrived. As soon as the person in front of the guide dodged, Xu Gefei immediately saw a face full of moles and black spots, sparse beard, missing teeth and dew. An ugly old man with teeth. Although the ugly old man's appearance was terrible, there was a look of fear and fear in his half-closed eyes. Xu Gefei need not ask, walking in the current ugly old man, of course, is the blue-faced judge Szeto Xuan. As for which one of the masked women in red was the daughter of the blue-faced judge, Xu Gefei did not know. Just as Xu Gefei was looking around, the blue-faced judge Szeto Xuan had come to the front. Szeto Hsuan, the judge with a blue face,wire nail machine manufacturers, hurried up a few steps. With great trepidation, he folded his fists and bowed down. "I'm in the southwest," he said respectfully. 3shardware.com

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