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Uncle Lao Wang is the village head, but how can he know the eight characters of a girl's birthday? Helplessly, he had no choice but to invite Xia Guoxi, the grandfather of Xia Shao, to have a meal at home. He knew that Xia Guoxi liked to drink a few cups. During the dinner, they drank a lot of wine, and then slowly got out of the trap. The eight characters of his birthday were sent to him overnight, and when he went there again yesterday, the old man actually made another request-he wanted to see Xia Shao! What, what is this?! Uncle Lao Wang shook his head repeatedly. Xia Shao was only ten years old. She was asked about the eight characters of her birthday and asked to meet her. Could it be that the old man had a grandchild in his family and wanted to marry the baby? If this is really the case, it is also their old Xia family's great luck, but this old man is a big man who even respects the leaders of the city! Sentiment is emotion, but Lao Wang uncle is not dare to neglect, down from the mountain, went straight to Xia Guoxi home. Walking to the door of Xia's house, Uncle Wang was stunned. Far away, he saw Zhou Wang leading Professor Zhou, also coming this way, two people still carrying things in their hands. Approaching, Zhou Wang was carrying five bottles of Maotai liquor and five cartons of good cigarettes,interactive boards for classrooms, as well as two large yellow croakers. When Zhou Wang saw Uncle Wang standing outside the wall of Xia's courtyard, he was also stunned. "Village head, why are you here?" He asked. "What are you?" Asked Uncle Lao Wang. Hearing this, Zhou Wang immediately showed a wry smile on his face. "Isn't this for what happened two days ago?"? My second uncle is always saying these days that thanks to the little girl Shaozi, our Zhou family has avoided a great disaster. This is not? Thank you for coming today. "Huh?" Old Uncle Wang's eyes almost popped out. He was also present that day. Can this, this child's words be taken seriously? After thinking about it, I couldn't figure it out, and I didn't know how a small girl doll could enter the eyes of the professor of Beijing University and the old man in the back hill. Old Uncle Wang shook his head and said nothing. He shouted twice across the courtyard to the inner room. After a while,smart board whiteboard, Xia Shao and Grandma Jiang Shuhui came out. Grandpa Zhou! As soon as he saw Zhou Wang carrying something in his hand, Xia Shao knew why they had come. Her face did not show it, but in her heart she praised Professor Zhou's character. Although saving the lives of Professor Zhou's family is indeed the credit of Xia Shao, but this matter is only afraid that most people will think it is a coincidence, will never count the credit on a child. Professor Zhou obviously liked Xia Shao very much, and when he saw her, he picked her up and saw that Xia Shao's grandmother was stunned. After reacting, he hurried into the room and shouted to the old man who was lying on the Kang listening to the radio. Xia Guoxi has a hard temper and is famous in the village. Even if it was Professor Chou who came, he didn't seem to be very enthusiastic. He just invited people into the room, looked at the cigarettes and alcohol that Chou Wang had put on the table, and said, "Wangzi, they are all from the same village. You and your second uncle come and sit down. Why do you bring things?"? Alas! Although your uncle Xia is a veteran, but these days you also know that life is good, classroom interactive whiteboard ,65 inch touch screen, how can we veterans still care about it? That is, Professor Zhou, after all, a cultural person is a cultural person. Remember to come and see me, an old man, when you go back to the village! Much better than the officials in the city. Zhou Wang snorted and almost didn't laugh. Old Uncle Wang looked embarrassed, and they all knew that Xia Guoxi had misunderstood. He thought Professor Zhou had come to see him specially. But in fact, he came for his granddaughter's face. Professor Zhou, however, smiled gracefully and did not say anything. He just echoed: "The country has always been concerned about veterans. We all came from the era of war. Without soldiers defending the country at the front, how could we have today's happy days?" This said to Xia Guoxi's heart, speaking of his bravery in the front, that was commended! The military medal has been hung at home by him so far, but because of his hard temper, some officials could not bear to see it, and abruptly cancelled the treatment that should be given to him, resulting in the end of farming at home. The veteran cadres who retired from the army in the same year as him are now living a leisurely life in the city and are respected by others. Every time he meets these old comrades-in-arms, he loses his old face.
As if he had met a bosom friend, Xia Guoxi talked about the past, and Professor Zhou listened without showing impatience. He had a good self-cultivation and even chatted with him. In the end, they calculated their age and found that Professor Zhou was ten years older than Xia Guoxi, so they called him elder brother and younger brother. Brother Xia, if you ask me, at this age of our generation, we should be open-minded about a lot of things. If you are really depressed, then look at the next generation! As the old saying goes, the tables are turned, and the children's generation is not necessarily inferior to those people. Professor Zhou consoled and looked at Xia Shao, who was sitting cleverly beside him. Your granddaughter is well educated! I saw her a few days ago, this child, although young, polite, but also very smart! When I came back from the back hill that day, I asked her about some small countries that were not famous in the world. She could even name the capital city, which was rare! Professor Chou also did not mention the matter of choosing a place to repair ancestral graves that day. First, he knew that there had always been a deep misunderstanding about geomancy in China. People in this profession were often described as magic stick liars and had a bad reputation. This occupation in the country has always been difficult to ascend the hall of elegance, Xia Guoxi this person good face, to really say, he designated to blame Xia Shao young age not to learn well. Moreover, Professor Zhou actually thought that what happened that day was a coincidence, but even if it was a coincidence, it was true that he had benefited from the child's unintentional words. So he came to thank him today. If he didn't come, he always felt that he owed something in his heart. Xia Guoxi met a bosom friend today, and as soon as he vomited his unhappiness over the years, his mood was much better than usual. Hearing that her granddaughter had been praised by the professor of Beijing University in learning, she naturally felt that she had a long face,smart boards for conference rooms, so she nodded to Xia Shao with a rare gratification in her eyes, and even looked at her granddaughter more pleasing to the eye than ever before. Wife, go and cook two dishes. Brother Zhou came home today. I have to drink with him. Xia Guoxi said. hsdsmartboard.com

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