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"2-1, Echizen takes the lead!" "It's a stroke B!"! Long Ma Jun is so awesome! "Come on, Echizen!" "Go!"! Little one!! This perfect stroke pushed Qingxue's morale to the peak again. Originally, they were surrounded by 200 ice emperors, and the sound of refueling was inaudible. But now in the sound of ice emperor refueling, we can clearly hear the voice of Qingxue. TOKI suddenly felt an unstable airflow behind him. She looked back doubtfully and saw the tall second-year student, Chonghong, trembling slightly all over her body. Birch, why are your hands shaking? One side of the Oshitari also noticed the birch strange, pushed the glasses asked. Speaking of Youshi, aren't you also. Xiang Ri pointed to his partner's hand and said to him, then suddenly paused again and put his hand in front of his eyes as if he had seen something. Even me. Sitting on one side, Atobe did not make a sound since Echizen changed his left hand to play, but clasped his hands against his chin. But in his heart, like the players in the rear, he silently recited the same sentence. Hiyoshi,plastic pallet suppliers, win no matter what! We must not be finished here-!) "Kid, play 10 more rounds with me!" "Well, I'm going to play 20 more innings!" "If the rhythm has been out of order." TOKI looked at the two men who kept attacking and murmured, "Pay attention, if!"! Your opponent is Ryoma Echizen, who has competed countless times in the United States. You can't beat him in terms of experience! You must pay attention to it,plastic pallet crates, or you will lose if you go on like this! However, Rijiruo on the field did not understand TOKI's idea. He just wants to knock this smelly first grade kid down! This first-grader should use such a fast-paced attack, which will certainly lack stamina. No one can sustain such a fast-paced game for a long time, and when Echizen's physical strength fails to show a gap, it's time for him to win! But Hiyoshi did not think that this highly tense state may be the most suitable competition state for Ryoma Echizen! Constantly attacking, ball by ball pumping; outside spin serve, pumping ball B, all kinds of fast attack methods are constantly alternating. When Hiyoshi felt bad and wanted to change the pace of the game, it seemed too late. Say, how about another 100 rounds? It's time for the end of the match. Ri Ji Ruo looked at the sweaty but still energetic Echizen in front of him, and his eyes widened in disbelief. This kid.. This kid has been able to hold out until now! Could it be that he was the one who fell into the trap? "-Draw the ball B!!" A small ball fell from the sky and shattered the pride of Rikichi. He stood on the court, and the racket in his hand fell to the ground at some point. (Did I lose?) "The game is over!"! 6-4, drum spill pallet ,plastic pallet bins, Qingxue Echizen wins! Is it really me to put the incompetent senior below me? "Whew! Sure enough, I won." Ice Emperor, how is Ice Emperor? Is the ice emperor eliminated because of me? "Ri Ji!" - "If!!" The slender eyes were filled with tears, and the tightly clenched fists trembled with unwillingness. It's not that he hasn't been defeated. He challenges the Minister of the Department every day in practice, and he loses every day. But this time, the defeat of the ice emperor was the last thing he wanted to see. He raised his arms around his face and buried his head in his arms, trembling all over. The tears in the pupil finally surged out, dripping on the sleeve of the gray and white uniform, seeping into the skin, so cold. The crowd of the ice emperor gathered around and looked at the silent crying of Riji in silence. The ice emperor was defeated in the first game and in the hands of Qingxue. They're already out of the Grand National. All they can do now is to pat their crying teammate on the back and give him understanding and encouragement. Line up and salute. They looked at their former opponents, and their eyes were full of unwillingness and regret.
The boy with short yellow hair hid his crying eyes under the sea; the boy with the hat on his back also lowered his head and closed his eyes; the gentle boy with short white hair could not hold back his sadness, and a line of tears ran down his cheeks; the simple red-haired boy stared at each other angrily, and his slightly pursed lips showed that he was as stubborn as a child-he would not cry! And the king of the ice emperor, before turning around, looked back at the opponent he recognized, and a smile overflowed from his lips. He raised his right hand above his head and snapped his fingers through the sky. "-Ice Emperor!"! -Ice Emperor! -Ice Emperor! They're gone, lonely high blade of ice. But it left a wonderful game, leaving endless aftertaste for everyone. After a period of time, the stadium could still hear the cries of the ice emperor cheerleaders who filled the stadium. Until the sunset, the cry echoed in the minds of the audience. Beside the Qingxue camp outside the stadium, a girl with silver hair blocked the way of the Minister of Qingxue. Tezuka, do you have a minute? Chapter 20 In the final match between the Ice Emperor and Qingxue, Qingxue's first-year rookie Ryoma Echizen finally helped Qingxue advance with a stroke B. However, Bingdi, the runner-up of last year's Kanto Competition, who was favored before the competition, was regrettably defeated, leaving their supporters with endless regrets. When the second school team members were ready to line up, TOKI took off his hat and threw it to the family, quietly left the ice emperor camp and returned to his teammates. Have you had enough? Sanada looked at TOKI, who had returned from the ice emperor's rest seat, and said sullenly with his hands around his shoulders. Ah, satisfied. TOKI smiled, held out a finger and touched his temple, "I collected a lot of useful information." "Hum, as the supervisor of Lihai, he went to the ice emperor,collapsible pallet box, but he still fought!"! -Too lax! Sanada heard the whispers of the audience around him when TOKI and Hiyoshi "greeted", and his face was black from then to now. Looking at the sprezzatura girl in front of him, he almost wanted to pinch the person in front of him and twist it into a twist!. binpallet.com

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