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Über Eliana Grace


The global fumaric acid market is being driven by rising living standards and economic growth, especially in the Asia Pacific emerging economies such as India and China. The global industry’s growth is expected to be aided by increasing fuel consumption of processed foods and beverages in developing countries. The rising trend toward a more nutritious diet is expected to have a positive effect on the processed food and beverage industry, as well as the fumaric acid industry furthermore, the demand for fumaric acid is expected to be driven by the introduction of new flavors, such as exotic and ethnic flavors, into the food and beverage industry in the forecast period. Fumaric acid with a chemical formula C4H4O4 is produced by oxidation of succinic acid, with the aid of succinate dehydrogenase, it is a dicarboxylic acid, which is present naturally in the form of a colorless crystalline powder in bolete mushrooms, eukaryotes, lichens, and Iceland moss.

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